73 Degrees Kelvin

73 Degrees above Absolute Zero. - 328 Fahrenheit. Test equipment at Texas Instruments to test performance of Infra red sensors.

400 G's

The Shock experienced by a light weight torpedo when dropped into the open ocean from an aircraft traveling at 200 MPH.

Class 3 Hurricane

120 MPH wind velocity. Rainfall rates of 7 Inches per Hour.  ADC Telecom enclosure. You fail if one drop of rain is found in the interior - One Drop.

Equatorial Sahara

August 5th. South Facing. Telecom enclosures hit with the equivalent of 1100 Watts per Square Meter of Sunlight on 3 surfaces at once. No shutdown of electronics permitted.

Oil Fields of North Dakota

Studying Road Dirt and Grit that threatened to destroy electrical contacts on Hand Held Tablets in Truck Cabs. 


In Energy Star Homes

Reducing Ambient Noise Levels in Next Generation Heat Pumps.


Running  testing on 550 Brake Horse Power Twin Turbo V-12 engines.

Problem: How do you load down an engine normally used to drive a large generator?

Solution: Use a field dynamometer!

Problem: How do you stop a fork lift's tires from sinking in the hot asphalt when loaded with 2 tons of engine?

Solution: You move the fork lift over the hard East Texas dirt!

400 Feet in the Air

Insuring seamless 3G Wireless Cell Phone Coverage