Eek - A Mouse is Eating My Car

USA Today ran a report yesterday that stated that consumers with newer model cars are having issues with rodents chewing on wiring.  One of the theories is that - in an effort to go greener - car manufacturers, such as Toyota,  have switched from petroleum based wire cladding to soy based wire cladding, which mice apparently find delicious.

The article goes on to explain that today's cars are becoming laced with more natural, green materials such as coconut husks for seat cushions.

While the auto manufacturers should be applauded for their environmental efforts, perhaps they skipped a couple of steps in testing.

Several years ago, while working in telecommunications, I recall reading about a test for electronic enclosures that determined how resistant the enclosure was to vermin - read squirrels, ground hogs and their brethren varmints.  The test involved placing dog food inside of a locked enclosure and placing the enclosure in a prairie dog enclosure at a zoo.

The enclosure was reopened in a week. If the dog food was missing, you failed the test. No, I am not making this up.  No keys were issued to the prairie dogs.

Audi, in 2014 ran a test to observe how and what , Stone Martens (ferret family) would chew on in  Audi automobiles.  Here's  a compliment again to  the thoroughness of German Engineering.

Please see the links below for a possible reason your car won't start this morning.

USA Today