If I had a Hammer

It's not a surprise that - as a Mechanical Engineer - I've used hammers.  What has impressed me about hammers is their diversity.  They come in all shapes and sizes from small micro hammers that you hold between thumb and forefinger to sledge hammers for applying not so subtle "mechanical alignment."

In carpentry, I've become acquainted with a type of hammer brand called Stiletto.  What makes the Stiletto unique is the use of Titanium in its head versus steel.  As a mechanical engineer, I'm  impressed with a material that:

  • Has superior corrosion resistance
  • Has a density 56 percent that of steel

The second property is what makes a titanium hammer so useful.  In using a hammer, the more speed that can be generated at the head for a given torque (generated by the user), the greater impact applied to the fastener.  More impact equals deeper nail.

With a lighter head, the user can generate more head speed for a given amount of effort.  Less effort equals longer work capacity.  Can't argue with that.

If you happen to watch "This Old House" , take a look at the hammer that Tom Silva uses. Titanium? Yes, Titanium.