The Little Perk that Could(n't)

We had a minor emergency in our home this morning.  The Keurig K-cup brewer stopped working.

The Keurig brand of brewer has a large share of the single cup brewer market.  It's a very convenient brewer - when it works.  

My wife purchased the first brewer about 6 months ago. It stopped delivering coffee in a fit of protest.  Hmmmm. As a typical engineer I began to perform a diagnosis.

Descale: Check.  Test pump: Check.   Valves: Check   Obstructions: Check

The Internet is loaded with those who Love, or Hate, their Keurig brewers. It appears that the system depends on moving fluids through very small tubing that can be obstructed by something as small as an air bubble. 

There are posts that describe turning the unit over and spanking its bottom. Tried it. Bad Coffee brewer!

Still no luck.

We replaced the first unit with a second same unit.  Unfortunately, this is the unit that passed away this morning.

As I tried to explain bathtub reliability curves to my wife, she headed out in search of caffeine.

There is a great website that discusses the fails of our modern technological world. It's called "Made by Monkeys".  You can find the link here

Now, let's take another look at that  brewer..........