Why We Left the Nest

I was an early adopter of the Nest Thermostat. Stylish design, energy savings and the chance to start a Smart Home, the Nest appeared to have it all.  But as many Beta customers will testify, the early road can be rocky sometimes.......

First, there was the user interface.  Designed by what I'm sure are twentysomethings, the users neglected one key detail.  Presbyopia - otherwise known as age related nearsightedness.  The Nest  temperature display for the Set Point Temperature  is quite small.  Couple that with a 3 AM need for some heat and the lack of reading glasses at hand and you have a problem. Solution? Find reading glasses or an extra blanket.  Could this be solved with a software update? Unsure.

The second problem was with the learning algorithm.  Nest's argument was that over 70 percent of programmable thermostats are never programmed. Users simply fall back on whatever settings they get by default from the factory.  Better to learn our heating habits  than not to learn? Nest says lets learn.

Over a two week period, the Nest, tracks usage habits on the ups and downs of thermostat settings.  The problem lies in its tendency to never stop learning.  Go for a run? Turn down the AC. That becomes part of the schedule.  What I spent a great deal of time doing with the Nest was adjusting the schedule that it thought that I wanted to what I actually wanted.  

Wait, don't they have product for that need? Oh yes , it's called a programmable thermostat.